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Registering for September 2017

We are registering for children for September 2017 and January 2018. We invite you to look at our Outstanding pre-school.

Parent questionnaire results 2016

The parent questionnaire took place during March 2016.  We received 36 completed questionnaires.  So thank you to everyone who took the time to complete them.

The purpose of the questionnaire is to provide parents with an opportunity to provide us with feedback on a variety of issues so we can improve the services we offer to you and your child.  The questionnaire also helps us with our Self Evaluation Form (SEF) which is a requirement from Ofsted which we must complete each year .

Key to Results – SA = Strongly Agree    A = Agree    Neither Agree/Disagree = NAD   Disagree = D  Strongly Disagree = SD

Questions & feedback:


  • My child is happy at pre-school
    SA = 84%   A= 16%
  • My child enjoys the activities at Ide Hill Pre-school
    SA = 85%    A = 15%
  • I am happy with the quality of care my child receives
    SA = 90%  A= 10%
  • My child talks positively about their day at pre-school
    SA=84%    A=16%
  • My ideas and skills are valued in the setting
    SA= 82%  A=18%
  • My child is supported to fully meet their potential
    SA=91% A=9% 
  • Children’s interests are taken into account
    SA=84%  A=16%
  • There are a wide range of activities available to meet children’s needs
    SA=90%  A=10%
  • My child is encouraged to be healthy
    SA=91% A=9%
  • I feel happy approaching staff for help and support
    SA=91%  A =9%
  • I feel comfortable appoaching my key person to tak about my child’s needs
    SA=90%  A=10%
  • Ide Hill Pre-school is a safe place for children to attend
    SA=85%   A= 15%
  • The setting is stimulating for children
    SA=94%   A= 6%
  • I like the idea of a small allotment in the garden for the children to grow fruit and vegetables in
  • I can see the benefits of my child attending Forest School regularly
    SA= 97%  A= 3%
  • Staff treat children well
  • Staff are approachable and make time to listen to my concerns
    SA=91% A=9%
  • I am confident that staff are well qualitifed
  • I know if my child is struggling they are being helped appropriately
    SA 91%  A= 9%
  • Staff deal with my concerns appropriately
    SA=88%  A=12% 
  • The Manager is approachable and helpful
    SA=94% A = 6%
  • The pre-school team is lead well and work well together
    SA=97%  A=3%
  • I am given the oppportunity to speak openly about anything that concerns me
    SA=72%  A= 28%

Comments received from parents:

“We have been welcomed into the pre-school community like nowhere else. We are very happy with our child’s progress and look forward to the rest of the year. Everyone is so hardworking and we really do appreciate it.”
“My child talks about the pre-school constantly and is so positive about her time with you. Mrs Williams is her favourite teacher.”
“We are so happy with our child’s development, the hard work from the staff makes it very clear how much work goes into making it such a happy environment for him to learn and develop.”
“Love the pre-school, love the teachers. They work so hard.”
“We couldn’t be happier.”
“R” never really spoke about his other nursery, he doesn’t stop talking about Ide Hill Pre-school.”
“All very approachable and a fantastic team, managed by Liz, well done.”
“You should be very proud of all that you have achieved. As a young family who has fresh eyes to the organisation, I cannot recommend it enough.”
“Love it…I feel so confident in all the staff’s abilities. I’ve already noticed how much more confident my child is..thank you so much.”
“We just think it is a fabulous pre-school, which means it’s exceptionally well run by Liz and exeptionally well staffed by the whole team.”
“I honestly think the service that you provide is excellent and would struggle to think of a way that it could be improved.”
“The staff make the pre-school.”

Thank you to everybody involved in our questionnaire.  Our next major project is to finalise and build our outdoor shelter for the children.  All ideas, suggestions as always very welcome.