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Registering for September 2020

We are registering for children for September 2020. We invite you to look at our Outstanding pre-school.

Ide Hill Pre School gets high score in ITERS assessment

Symone Pearce, Ide Hill Pre School’s setting’s SIP (Setting Improvement Partner) carried out an ITERS (Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale) Assessment of our 2 ½ year old provision. This Audit allows early years settings to reflect upon the provision they provide for children, such as:

    • care routines
    • equipment
    • interaction
    • staff
    • parents

… to name a few.

Each area is assessed and scored to the ITERS Scale.

As a district the average rating is 3.9; we are proud to inform you that the pre-school scored 6.1, out of a possible 7 which is one of the highest scoring provisions in Kent. Symone also praised the staff; the care and practice they provide for the children.

Well done everyone.

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